What makes your heart sing? When do you feel most connected to your soul? Perhaps it’s laughing with a friend, being engrossed in a creative project, or spending quiet moments in nature, prayer, or meditation. Within this site is information about Sound Healing, Reiki, Feng Shui, and other Sacred Arts that may open your heart to new thought, deep healing, and broader perspectives.

May you find joy and inspiration in all that you do and experience abundant blessings on your journey, knowing that the path you choose is perfect for you!


Our Story

Body and Hearth was established in 2003 when Kate Casey and daughter Meghan envisioned a business that incorporated Meghan’s massage therapy skills (Body) and Kate’s love of Feng Shui (Hearth.)

Meghan moved on to pursue degrees in Journalism and Library Sciences. Meanwhile, Kate continued her exploration of holistic healing techniques and alternative thought. As her consciousness shifted, Kate’s life changed dramatically. She left the corporate world, wrote a book, and realized her life-long dream to own her own business and boutique.

Kate’s energy work is comprised of (but not limited to) the following practices. She believes:

  • Feng Shui provides a foundation for our soul path. By creating a tranquil, supportive environment, our spirit awakens, and positive change begins to manifest in our lives.
  • Sound elicits a sense of deep peace. The rich overtones and vibration of Himalayan bowls and other sound healing instruments induce a meditative state, which naturally relieves stress, reduces blood pressure, and improves immunity.
  • Reiki creates a bridge to our higher selves. When we cleanse our bodies of psychic debris and fill our beings with love and light, we open the door to Spirit and all that the Universe has to offer us.
  • Divine Arts connect us to Spirit. Through personal expression, setting and empowering positive intentions, and embracing the Creator within, we bring our dreams to life.

Kate found that as we open more fully to “all that is”, the sweet serendipity of life begins to unfold before us. We just need to be alert to the signs and stay in the flow to enjoy these happy surprises. It was just this kind of divine providence that brought Kate, Marion Hakata, Bette Biederman, and others together to become friends and collaborators of services, classes, and events that  promote well-being.

Body and Hearth is committed to building community, sharing uplifting information, inspiring personal growth and creativity.

 Fair Oaks – Sacramento – Folsom
Holistic Products, Classes, Events, Services

Fair Oaks Massage Institute
9833 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Suite C-1
Fair Oaks, CA
Visit our boutique Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm

ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center
225 30th Street, Suite 311
Sacramento, CA 95814
Open for events and by appointment 

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Contact kate@bodyandhearth.com, call or text 916-206-7990 for more information or to schedule an appointment.